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Live Music for Restaurants in Tampa, St. Petersburg & Clearwater areas of Tampa Bay

C Sharp Duo can provide live music for Restaurants, Clubs, Hotels and Resorts in the Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater areas of Tampa Bay.

With years of experience pleasing crowds at Tampa area restaurants and clubs, C Sharp Duo is very comfortable in these settings. They have a very diverse catalogue of styles, can play music for every generation, and can keep the mood upbeat with all your favorite rockers, or keep it mellow with ballads and love songs.

Angelo and Penny will read the mood of your customers and tailor the song selection specifically for them. Always in tune, and always tuned in, you can count on C Sharp Duo to hold the audience, and keep them happy.

This is a small band that sounds like a big band, and can really make a difference for your business.

Please communicate with us from our Contact Us page to discuss your specific needs.